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Webinar: Reg BI Exams – Reasonably Available Alternatives and Record Keeping

With Reg BI examinations and enforcement actions expected to increase in 2021, firms are looking to meet the Care Obligation’s requirement of assessing “reasonably available alternatives”.  In this on-demand webinar, our panel of experts will take a deeper dive into a consistent and repeatable process for assessing costs and a reasonable range of alternatives at […]

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Webinar: Reg BI Exams – The Care Obligation

With a new SEC Chair sworn in and regulators conducting Regulation BI exams that go beyond ‘good-faith’ efforts, firms will be looking to adjust their practices to meet the principles of Reg BI and close any outstanding gaps related to the Care Obligation. Watch our On-Demand Webinar to hear industry leaders from Oyster Consulting and […]

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