Compliant Rollovers are a Primary Channel for Growth

2024 Rollover Report 

It is no secret that rollovers from employer-sponsored plans are one of the greatest sources of assets flowing into retirement accounts, presenting a leading growth opportunity for wealth management firms and advisors. IRA rollovers are forecasted to exceed $760 billion annually in the next five years, and between 2016 to 2021, $2.9 trillion flowed into IRAs from defined contribution plans. 

In a groundbreaking research report powered by InvestorCOM’s RolloverAnalyzer solution, we unveil the game-changing impact of compliant rollover technology. Our data analysis spans more than 14,000 rollovers conducted by 739 advisors and reveals how innovative compliance technology drives substantial firm growth. 

With RolloverAnalyzer, witness transformative outcomes: 

  • Rollover Size: Elevate each rollover recommendation to $578,000—nearly tripling the industry average. 
  • Annual Fees: Advisors boost annual fees from rollovers by an average of $97,240 per year. 
  • Rollover Frequency: Experience a 2.5X increase in rollover frequency within one year. 

Our report also compares key trends in rollover management between advisory firms and broker-dealers, extracting actionable insights to empower compliance teams, firm leaders, financial advisors and industry veterans. 

Download the report today to access these rollover insights. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to unlock the full potential of your firm with RolloverAnalyzer—where compliance meets growth.