Make compliant investment recommendations

Demonstrate that you are acting in the best interest of retail clients. PeerCompare generates a product peer group of reasonably available alternatives comparing cost, risk and return. Deliver compliant investment recommendations to investors, while tracking all activity and relevant notes.

Why Financial Professionals Prefer PeerCompare

2021 survey results from a major broker-dealer.

Make ``Better`` Investment Recommendations

80% of FPs felt confident using PeerCompare to meet their Reg BI Care Obligation.

Digital Records are Easily Accessible

95% of FPs want a permanent digital record of every client recommendation at their fingertips.

Intuitive to Use

80% of FPs prefer the simplicity of PeerCompare over competing products.

Digital Documentation Process is Valuable

95% of FPs see value in digitally documenting the analysis of investment alternatives.

Be confident that investment recommendations are truly in the client's best interest.

An intuitive app that fits in to the financial professional's existing workflow.

Identify, compare and recommend suitable investments

How do you know if your investment recommendations are truly in the client’s best interest?

Use PeerCompare to obtain an accurate picture of how your investment recommendation stacks up against its peers.

PeerCompare generates a product peer group based on similar products on your shelf – including Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds, ETFs, North American Equities, Fixed Incomes, Liquid Alternatives and Variable Annuities.

Compare a specific fund to other funds in the peer group, based on configurable criteria that includes Category, Risk and Time Horizon.

With PeerCompare, you will have a clear picture of how your recommendations compare on Cost, Risk and Return – providing you with an opportunity to change your recommendations or share them with your client.

Track disclosure and facilitate supervison

When making an investment recommendation, use PeerCompare to perform a best interest analysis and to disclose and/or record the transaction for supervision and audit functions.

Use PeerCompare with ComplianceExpress to digitally share investment recommendations with your clients and record all activity – including when disclosure was sent, received, and viewed.

PeerCompare Disclosure

Why technology is needed to make compliant recommendations

It is virtually impossible to meet the new best interest requirements without technology. Let’s look at a simple example:

In a typical day, a financial professional evaluates or makes five investment recommendations.

Her broker-dealer has an open product shelf of approximately 35,000 investment fund products.  To meet Reg BI requirements, the advisor must consider a minimum of six data or suitability fields when considering reasonably available alternatives (RAA) including fees, risk, performance, time horizon, share class and fund series.

This will require processing over 1,000,000 data points – per day!

“PeerCompare is an intuitive tool for our advisor team to assess reasonably available alternatives and document their recommendations. The solution is easy to use and complements the advisor’s workflow.”

Natasa Morfesis
Vice President, Dealer Compliance at Worldsource Wealth Management

“Meeting Reg BI compliance with a remote workforce of advisors is only possible by using a technology like this. We are impressed by InvestorCOM’s comprehensive solution.”

Bill Best

William Best
Chief Operating Officer at Regal Holdings

“InvestorCOM’s compliance platform is well-suited to help broker-dealers meet many facets of their best interest obligations.”

Celent Logo

“PeerCompare is great for people that have been in the business for a long time and have favorites that may no longer be ‘best in class’. This tool gives some good ideas on better products.”

Clint G., Financial Professional
Major Broker-Dealer

Top Data Challenge Facing Advisors

Meeting the Care Obligation may require advisors to consider one million data points per day.

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The Future of Compliant Investment Recommendations

How can BDs demonstrate they are acting in the best interest of retail clients when making investment recommendations?

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Reg BI’s Care Obligation and Reasonable Alternatives

Dealers should pay attention to consideration of Reasonably Available Alternatives when making a recommendation.

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