InvestorCOM Conference – Disruption in Wealth Management

Wealth Management continues to be a tremendous growth opportunity for Financial Services. In 2017, global high-net-worth investments exceeded $70 trillion with annual growth approaching 8%. Despite the opportunity that this growth might suggest, there are increasing pressures on profitability for the Wealth Management sector worldwide. The industry is undergoing significant change. We believe that there are 3 primary factors that are disrupting the industry and creating these challenges.

  1. Consumer Demographics are changing – The number and influence of younger investors is increasing. In the next 2 decades, the largest generational transfer of wealth in history will occur and these kids are much more tech-savvy and demanding than their parents. Fees are under increased scrutiny as consumers and regulators demand transparency and value.
  2. Unlikely competitors are emerging – New competition from FinTech startups are causing disruption in the industry; mostly at the fringes of wealth management markets. We expect these players to move into mainstream wealth management markets. Technology players such as Facebook, Apple, PayPal and Google are altering their business models and are becoming competitors.
  3. Regulation is increasing – New compliance requirements have altered the industry and this trend is expected to continue; 89% of wealth managers anticipate more compliance in the future. One of our clients, a Canadian bank estimates that their total cost associated with compliance exceeds $1B.

Disruption introduces both risk and opportunity. The goal of the conference is to share ideas on how our clients can succeed in this age of disruption. We have assembled a group of experts from the industry who are successfully navigating this disruption. They are transforming their business models and leveraging technology to succeed in this new world. Our goal is to create a dialogue that will lead to greater success across our industry in Canada.

Why InvestorCOM is hosting:

As a partner of many leading wealth managers in Canada, our goal is to help our clients succeed in this changing world by;

  1. Digitizing their business so that they are able to better serve the evolving consumer.
  2. Implementing automated compliance solutions that ease the pain of new regulation.
  3. Leveraging technology that enables, not disrupts their business model.

Conference Attendees

50-75 senior executives from Financial Services including Banks, Asset Managers, Investment Dealers

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