Advisor’s Value is 4.08%!

The value of advice from an advisor is under tremendous scrutiny with the new CRM2 regulations and with emerging alternatives such as robo-advisors. Many advisors and dealers are playing defense as their fees and value propositions are being questioned by many industry stakeholders. The recent “value of advice” study by Russell Investments highlights that advisors provide technical and emotional guidance from a trusted human advisor which is particularly valuable for investors with complex needs. I completely agree with this statement. While robo and other machine-based investing may suit many investors with simple needs, the value of human guidance becomes critically important as “simple” evolves to “complex”. Russell has gone one step further and put a number on the value of human advice – 4.08% – which far exceeds the fees that most investors pay. While this study can’t capture the value of every advisor, it is a very positive sign for the industry!