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How to Recommend Variable Annuities with Confidence

Reg BI’s Care Obligation requires a financial professional to consider reasonably available investment alternatives (RAA) offered by the broker-dealer (refer to “Reg BI’s Care Obligation and Reasonable Alternatives” for more information on this topic). While some may have implemented an RAA process for assessing mutual fund and ETF recommendations, Variable Annuities (VAs) may present yet […]

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The Hold Up on Hold Recommendations

For many wealth management firms, the last few months have gone by in a flash. The combined pressures of working remotely, executing business continuity practices and meeting the Reg BI implementation deadline have kept most teams burning the midnight oil. With the Reg BI implementation deadline now behind us, some may be hesitantly looking back […]

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Reg BI’s Care Obligation and Reasonable Alternatives

With Reg BI now in effect, broker-dealers and their representatives will need to illustrate how they are complying with the SEC’s Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI). One of the requirements dealers should pay close attention to is the Care Obligation and the consideration of Reasonably Available Alternatives (or RAA) when making a recommendation. What’s Changed? […]

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