Please Sir, I Want Some More (e-Migration)

October was a big month for me.  With a few clicks of a button and the entering of an email address, an envelope and four sheets of paper each month finally disappeared from my life.  These were replaced by a delightfully succinct email containing a notification that my statement was now available in PDF format on my online portal.  They even threw in a URL link to the online portal for me, so I don’t have to bookmark or remember it.  Kudos to you, MasterCard.

That pesky paper-based credit card statement has now joined my cell phone bill, cable & internet bill, bank statement and various investment account statements, none of which will ever again be found popping up in my mailbox, briefcase, home office or wherever else I might have left them lying around. I’ve finally broken free from the last paper document chasing me around…or at least I wish I could say that.

I’ve taken this e-migration train as far as I can.  Now the ball is in the court of the various companies with whom I conduct business transactions that require a “paper” trail.  I know I’m still going to shudder as I open my paper-based property tax bills, utility bills, condo corporation reports, annual mortgage statement and various year-end tax receipts, none of which are currently available to me in electronic format.

Now I’m not saying that e-migration and digital documents are for everyone.  Heck, even I still prefer a good old fashioned paperback to an e-reader, but novels and a credit card statements are apples and oranges.  Some people will always want their paper-based documents, and that’s perfectly fine.  We’re not likely to get to 100% electronic any time soon (if ever), but I do know one thing for sure.  There are a few million millennials out there just like me, and we are starting to amass the market clout to demand that digital documents are available as an option, at the very least, from the companies we choose to do business with.

Here at InvestorCOM, we work with our clients to create ambitious e-migration plans to help them become more sustainable, save money and meet the delivery demands of their changing customer base, keeping customers like me happy.  We also offer multi-channel delivery capabilities, offering our clients programs that feature managed delivery solutions for both the traditional print/mail channel and the various emerging e-delivery and e-presentment channels.