CRM2 Reporting

Rob Carrick offers a very clear and simple summary of the CRM2 reports that are due to hit investor’s mailboxes this month.  The new CRM2 report is designed to provide a clear and transparent summary of the fees that investors pay their advisor for the investment management services provided.  There is much industry banter about the impact that this new report will have – many refer to the risk of “money in motion” meaning that investors may start looking for new advice once they see the actual cost of their current advisor relationship.  I think that Carrick’s point that investors should focus on value vs. cost is a very good one – and true with any fee-based relationships that we have.  We believe that firms & advisors that are proactive with CRM2 have the opportunity to build stronger relationships with their clients.  InvestorCOM has supported a number of our clients – including Canada’s leading Asset Manager – in developing, producing and delivering CRM2 statements that provide fee clarity to investors.  Our purpose is to build stronger relationships by optimizing communications.