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E-Delivery: Paperless or Less Paper?

Rarely does a week pass without a new article or whitepaper arguing the virtues of moving from printed communications to electronic communications.  And most recently, we have heard a lot from lobby groups that are actually promoting printed communications over e-communications (check out ).  The subject even made it onto CBC Marketplace’s Dumbest Charge […]

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Advisor showing TD Fund Facts Delivery

Marketing vs. Regulatory Disclosure

I recently attended a conference entitled “Does Disclosure Work?” hosted by the Capital Markets Institute and the Canadian Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights (a.k.a. FAIR Canada) at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. The first question and answer between the moderator and panelists was: “What single thing would help improve disclosure to […]

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Horse Trading and Web Site Domain Buying

While e-commerce has become mainstream on the Internet, I recently discovered there are still parts of the web that resemble the Wild, Wild West. If you’ve ever tried to buy a web site address from a seller, keep your wits about you. When we decided to re-brand the company to InvestorCOM, the first thing I […]

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National Regulator….take two (or is it, take fourteen or fifteen?)

After nearly fifty years of discussion and a two year lull in the conversation, the federal government along with British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick announced their agreement to launch a national regulator by the fall of 2015. Investment Executive covered the story in their October edition and Finance Minister Joe Oliver first announced […]

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