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Taking the Noise out of KYP Compliance

In June 2018, InvestorCOM realized that, for the past seven years, they had been moving toward where the regulatory puck was headed. “When the OSC released its first discussion paper on client-focused reforms, we saw this new emphasis on the dealer shelf — specifically, the processes of how products are assessed and then monitored once […]

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Survey Results: Investment Dealer Challenges

Did you know that during a survey of mutual funds done in 2019, it was discovered that over a five-week period, there was an average of 2,000 changes a week to the attribute data of mutual funds? And a recent review of Canadian investment dealers revealed that as a result, dealers have a challenge in […]

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Solutions for Client-Focused Reforms

With the recent publishing of new Client-Focused Reform regulation, advisors and dealers are challenged with a new compliance obligation.  Our IE article this month provides some background on the reg and strategies to remain compliant. With the recent publication of new client-focused reforms (CFRs) on Oct. 3, advisors may be considering how they will meet yet another […]

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