Ownership Change at InvestorCOM

Toronto, ON – InvestorCOM announces that Anthony Boright, President, is retiring from InvestorCOM.

Anthony Boright was a co-founder, who together with David Reeve, created InvestorCOM. Anthony is planning to take some time off with his wife Cindy who has also recently retired.

“I am really proud of all that we have achieved with InvestorCOM. As I think back to 2010, when Dave and I first formed a joint venture between our companies to pursue emerging opportunities on the regulatory front, I realize that we really have been pioneers in many ways for the investor communications industry. In this time, we have assembled an impressive client list, developed new digital platforms to facilitate our clients’ communications while doubling our company’s revenue, and there is no doubt in my mind that our team will continue to grow, innovate and dazzle clients. InvestorCOM has a successful track record, solid reputation and positive momentum under Dave’s leadership. I will enjoy watching the company’s success from the sidelines,” states Mr. Boright.

InvestorCOM also announced a new equity partner, Business Development of Canada (BDC), which has been an existing InvestorCOM partner for three years.

“I want to thank Anthony for our fantastic partnership. Seven years ago, we created a new entity that has become InvestorCOM and he has been key to building the company into what it is today,” explains David Reeve, CEO of InvestorCOM. “I also want to welcome our new equity partner, BDC.  As we look forward to the growth opportunities that face InvestorCOM, BDC is a perfect partner to help us realize these opportunities.”

David Reeve will be assuming the role of Sales leadership in addition to his CEO role, effective today.