InvestorCOM announces partnership with Environics Analytics

Toronto, November 16, 2015 — InvestorCOM announced today a strategic partnership with Environics Analytics that will bring new expertise to the company and its clients.

Environics Analytics (EA) is the Canadian leader in data analytics and marketing services. InvestorCOM’s four strategic solutions involve the transfer, processing and management of large volumes of client data. Through this partnership, EA will help InvestorCOM’s clients derive insights from this data and develop marketing strategies that leverage the insights to deliver improved business results.

In addition, InvestorCOM announced the sale to EA of Pivotal Contact, with Evan Wood, President of Pivotal Contact, joining EA in the role of Senior Vice President of Marketing and Custom Services. Under the terms of the agreement, Pivotal Contact will integrate its expertise in CRM, customer experience and engagement with EA’s offerings in marketing and analytical services. The combined resources and expertise are intended to provide EA clients with a broader spectrum of data-driven services—from data supplier to analytics roadmap development—to meet the market’s changing needs.

“Each of our client solutions is based on the secure management and processing of data, but increasingly our clients are interested in leveraging this data to improve their businesses,” said David Reeve, CEO of InvestorCOM. “By partnering with the premier marketing services and analytics company in Canada, we are well positioned to deliver this added value to our clients.”

“With Pivotal Contact, we now have even more functional and industry expertise to help Canadian marketers connect with their customers and grow their businesses,” said Jan Kestle, President of Environics Analytics. “We are very excited about the new opportunities this partnership will allow us to offer to both companies’ customers.”

“EA has long been the ‘go to’ resource for third-party data and actionable, data-driven insight across the country,” added Evan Wood, President of Pivotal Contact. “Now clients can also benefit from EA’s expanding range of custom services to help them capitalize on strategic insights. With Pivotal Contact and EA joining forces, we are now the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of data and analytical services.”

About InvestorCOM

InvestorCOM is an investor communication solutions company that leverages technology to address the evolving disclosure and communication needs of the financial services industry. Recognizing the increasingly stringent disclosure landscape affecting independent and bank-owned asset managers, life insurance companies, large and small IIROC and MFDA dealers, and advisors serving investors, InvestorCOM has developed an innovative suite of solutions to address the document composition, delivery, compliance, reporting and analytics needs of the financial services industry. To learn more about InvestorCOM, please visit

About Environics Analytics

The premier marketing and analytical services company in Canada, Environics Analytics helps customers turn data and analytics into insight, strategy and engagement. EA offers the full range of analytical services—from data supplier to strategic consultancy—and provides over-the-counter reports, purpose-built software-as-a-service and a wide variety of modelling approaches. Its team of quantitative marketers, modelers and geographers are expert at helping organizations identify their business challenges, develop data-driven solutions and achieve success along every phase of their analytics journey. EA is a member of the Environics group, a unique alliance of companies dedicated to providing intelligent research, analytics and communications. To learn more about Environics Analytics, please visit

About Pivotal Contact

Founded in 2013, Pivotal Contact is a Toronto-based strategic marketing partner that helps clients drive revenue and profit growth using data and analytics-based customer engagement programs. Blending data-driven insight and advanced analytics with marketing strategy and experience design, Pivotal Contact partners with marketers to provide more relevant customer interactions, stronger relationships and loyalty, and a superior return on investment. For more information about the company, please visit