Thank you for joining us at our annual conference which was held on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. We thank everyone who attended and hope you enjoyed our expert perspectives on what Canadian Financial Services will look like in the next decade. Our speakers commented on: trends that will shape the future; digital transformation strategies; how they have succeeded in innovating and what they are observing in terms of clients’ changing demands for products and services. Topics also addressed how organizations drive a culture of continuous innovation; the communication challenges and opportunities between advisor and client and how to manage pending intergenerational wealth transfer. Our conference also featured young financial services professionals discussing the challenges and the desired state of financial services 2030. This conference explored three key perspectives; digitization & technology trends, the “new client”, and the emergence of new financial services players.

For your convenience, we have made each speaker presentation available.

Conference Highlights

Conference Videos

Peggy Van de Plassche

“Trends that shape the future”

Tom Park

“Digital Transformation Strategies”

Financial Services Innovators Panel


Financial Services Millennial Panel


Ellen Bessner

“The Advisor Perspective”

Financial Services 2030 - Event Photos