Disruption in the Wealth Management Industry

Thank you for joining us at our annual conference which was held on Tuesday, June 27, 2017! We thank everyone who attended and hope you enjoyed our expert perspectives on the disruptive forces in the marketplace. Our speakers commented on; changing consumer behaviours; unlikely new competitors; FinTech; and, a changing regulatory landscape. This conference was designed to provide you with real-life strategies that will help you and your organization evolve in this rapidly changing marketplace.

For your convenience, we have made all the slides from the presentations available for download.


Conference Videos

InvestorCOM Conference


Client panel

with Joe Canavan, Barry Gordon, Katie Peperkorn and Sue Britton, “How to Thrive in these Times of Disruption”

Shawn Kanungo, Deloitte

“Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Experimental”

Yair Weisblum, PwC

“Sink or Swim: Why Wealth Management Can’t Afford to Miss the Digital Wave”

Matthew Spoke, Nuco

“The Decentralized Future of a Blockchain-enabled Wealth Management Industry