Thank you for joining us at our annual conference which was held on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.   We thank everyone who attended and hope you enjoyed the perspectives on the threats and opportunities the financial services industry faces.  Our speakers commented on changing consumer behaviours, open banking and building architecture for the digital bridge, real-life stories crossing the digital bridge and the role AI will play in the digital future.  This conference was designed to provide you with real-life strategies that will help you and your organization evolve in this rapidly changing marketplace.

For your convenience, we have made each speaker presentation available.

Conference Highlights

Conference Videos

Amanda Lang, Journalist & Author

“The Beauty of Discomfort”

Alex Hannah, CMO, ICMA-RC

“Real-life stories crossing the digital bridge”

Shawn Kanungo, Digital Strategist

“Fear Kills Innovation”

Steve Livingstone, CEO, aha Insurance

“Real-life stories crossing the digital bridge”

Patrick Ikhifa, Sr Director, Mulesoft

“Open Banking; building architecture for the digital bridge”

Dawood Khan, co-founder, Capital Blockchain

“Leveraging Blockchain and AI to cross the digital bridge”