InvestorCOM Launches Accessible Documents

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March 26, 2019, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – InvestorCOM, a leader in financial services compliance solutions, announced today that their popular compliance software, Publisher, will now create Accessible documents that are compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). InvestorCOM’s Publisher automates the process of creating, translating, and publishing regulatory documents for fund companies, allowing them to file these documents with SEDAR on a regular basis. This includes Fund Facts, ETF Facts, Management Report on Financial Performance (MRFPs), Financial Statements and other regulatory documents that are distributed to investors on a regular basis.

According to David Reeve, CEO and founder of InvestorCOM, “our fund management customers want to be compliant with the upcoming Canadian and US Accessibility regulations, and we are happy to help them. As the deadlines for AODA compliance are quickly approaching, we wanted to get out ahead of this requirement. Using our multi-tenant Publisher system, fund companies can feel confident that every document they produce for filing, can be shown to meet the latest AODA accessibility standards. Accessible documents are important to investors with visual and cognitive disabilities, and we want to be inclusive and compliant for all consumers of our customers’ documents”.

The composition module within Publisher has been updated to produce accessible documents, by tagging section and table headers, adding alternate text for images, defining columns and ultimately defining a logical and coherent reading order within the document. These documents will pass the tests and conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA standard required by the AODA.

With this announcement, InvestorCOM is releasing its Accessibility Roadmap, which defines how and when other regulatory documents produced by InvestorCOM software (statements, confirms and tax slips for example) will be made compliant with AODA and other Accessibility Acts and guidelines. As David Reeve points out, “we are there for our customers, understanding and providing compliance solutions. We were there for our dealers in 2015 when the POS3 regulations went live, in 2016 when CRM2 became an important issue, and now in 2019 when accessibility is becoming a key compliance requirement for our customers”.

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