Access product insights to gain a competitive advantage.

Get product comparison data and in-depth insights to stay ahead of your rivals and mitigate potential conflicts of interest.

In a highly regulated and competitive market, you need access to up-to-date product data to drive product strategy and decision-making. Best interest reforms have placed increasing pressure on mitigating conflicts, bringing increased importance to the competitiveness of a firm's offering.

Compare your products to their peers

PeerCompare generates a product peer group based on similar products on your shelf or the universe – including Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds, ETFs, North American Equities, Fixed Income, Liquid Alternatives and Variable Annuities.

Compare a specific fund to other funds in the peer group, based on configurable criteria that include Category, Risk and Time Horizon.

Our proprietary peer ratings capability identifies peer groups for all security types and assigns a rating for each security relative to its peers based on cost, risk and return characteristics.

Your research can be automatically stored for future reference and shared electronically with your peers.

InvestorCOM PeerCompare

Focus on the data that matters to you.

Products are constantly changing. Use ShelfMonitor to see changes to products on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Set up customizable alerts to find out when change happens. You choose which products to watch and the fields to monitor.

Use our ShelfAnalyzer add-on to see see how your products stack up against peers by comparing cost, risk and return characteristics. ShelfAnalyzer generates a Peer Rating for each product on your shelf making it easy to evaluate product competitiveness efficiently and without bias.

Limit your research to your product shelf, or expand it to include all products available in the market (the universe).


The InvestorCOM difference.


Fast to implement and easy to use so you and your team can get started immediately.


Access the entire universe of the most up-to-date investment data at your fingertips.


Do comparisons against the data points that are most important to you.

“PeerCompare is great for people that have been in the business for a long time and have favorites that may no longer be ‘best in class’. This tool gives some good ideas on better products.”

Clint G., Financial Professional

“Products are always changing; some of those changes are material and ShelfMonitor makes it easier for our compliance team to filter the data and focus on what matters.”

Robert Allen Caldwell Securities Ltd

Robert Allen, Chief Compliance Officer
Caldwell Securities Ltd.

“ShelfMonitor keeps us audit ready and efficiently helps us stay on top of changes to the ever-changing investment product landscape.”

President and CEO, Large Mutual Fund Dealer

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