DOL & SEC’s Best Interest Principles: A Gateway to Growth in 2024

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With the DOL’s Fiduciary proposal comment period behind us, many are assessing how the proposal, which includes new definition of fiduciary and changes prohibited transaction exemptions for rollovers (PTE 2020-02) and PTE  84-24 will impact their business model.  

The proposed changes present not only challenges but also substantial opportunities for forward-thinking firms. The DOL Fiduciary and the SEC’s Best Interest principles are not just compliance requirements but pivotal opportunities for business growth and competitive advantage.   

Join us for an insightful webinar that decodes best interest principles and how they can be embraced and leveraged in 2024. Industry experts from Faegre Drinker, Oyster Consulting, DCG Insights, and InvestorCOM will cover: 

  1. Timeline for Regulations: An overview of the retirement security rule proposal and its implications. 
  2. Rollovers & One-Time Advice: Understanding the changes required under the retirement security rule proposal. 
  3. Strategic Growth through Compliance: Embracing DOL and SEC Best Interest requirements as a foundation for sustainable business growth. This segment will focus on how compliance can be transformed from a regulatory obligation into a key driver for business expansion, client trust, and market differentiation. 
  4. Best Interest Principles in Practice: Delving into how these principles impact investment recommendations and the broader implications for financial professionals, firms, and investors. 

Meet Your Speakers

Rob Dearman InvestorCOM

Rob Dearman, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer, DCG Insight

Rob Dearman is on a mission to help financial advisory firms build and grow the next generation of client-obsessed, fiduciary-focused, technology-accelerated strategies and platforms.

Rob’s experience includes co-founding the country’s third-largest independent broker-dealer network, National Planning Holdings, where he served as CIO and Head of Wealth Management. He was a designer and CTO for Curian Capital, the first digital TAMP, and led the Office of Strategic Initiatives for Jackson National. He served as a regulatory liaison and held a position on FINRA’s FinTech Innovation Council and contributed to the SEC Reg BI and CRS regulation, DOL Fiduciary rule, NAIC Model Suitability rule, and several NASAA state fiduciaries efforts.

Fred Reish Faegre Drinker

Fred Reish, Partner, Faegre Drinker

Fred Reish is a noted authority on retirement plan products and plan management who helps ensure that clients fulfill their fiduciary duty to investors and comply with federal law. He counsels plan sponsors, service providers and registered investment advisers on fiduciary responsibility, prohibited transactions under federal law, federal audits and pension plan disputes. When clients face regulatory disputes, Fred counsels them on mitigating the impact of enforcement actions and resolving compliance issues.

Ed Wegener Oyster Consulting LLC

Ed Wegener, Managing Director, Oyster Consulting LLC

Ed Wegener is an innovative compliance, risk management and supervisory controls expert with deep understanding of Federal Securities Laws and the rules of self-regulatory organizations, as well as technology optimization and risk mitigation. Prior to joining Oyster, Ed held several posts in FINRA, most recently as  Senior VP and Midwest Regional Director.  While there, he was responsible for the Region’s risk assessment, examination and investigation programs. Ed was a member of the team that developed FINRA’s risk-based examination program and he developed and managed FINRA’s first Digital Asset and Cybersecurity examination programs.

Randy Barnes InvestorCOM

Randy Barnes, Director of Product & Sales Engineering, InvestorCOM

Randy Barnes has spent the majority of his professional career in the financial services technology space. With over 25 years of experience, Randy has managed and developed technology for large-scale enterprise clients as well as smaller broker-dealers and registered investment advisor firms. Randy’s professional passion is helping the customer and bringing a customer-centric focus to everything.

Parham Nasseri InvestorCOM

Parham Nasseri, Vice President Regulatory Strategy, InvestorCOM

Parham Nasseri has spent his career translating complex regulatory requirements into technology solutions that improve investor and advisor outcomes. He has over 15 years of regulatory and wealth management experience, including senior roles in regulatory analytics, digital transformation, and investment analytics.

Parham currently serves as Vice President, Product & Regulatory Strategy at InvestorCOM, a leading software solutions provider for the financial services industry. He serves on several advisory boards including Ontario Securities Commission’s Investor Advisory Panel, CFA Societies’ Canadian Advocacy Council, The Canadian RegTech Association, and Junior Achievements of Central Ontario. He is also the host of the Wealth Compliance Leaders series.