Salesforce “2016 Connected Investor Report”

A recently released Salesforce Global report that surveyed nearly 8000 adults in Canada, Australia, France, Japan, UK and the US, provides some interesting survey results to anyone in the financial services industry in Canada.

A key finding that jumped off the page for me was the following:  67% of investors believe that modern tools for financial planning are important factors when selecting an advisor. However, many investors still communicate with their advisors through old-fashioned channels, such as phone (45%), in-person (24%) or “snail mail” (7%).

The Canadian financial services industry is moving forward quickly with increased disclosure and compliance requirements which demand a significant reliance on e-delivery, but the Salesforce survey indicates that less than 20% of investors communicate with their advisors via email.   It will take significant effort by dealers and asset managers to change those investor behaviors.

Does your firm have a plan?