What is Project Management Excellence?

Project management excellence goes beyond the vital foundation of time, cost, scope and other traditional practices.  At InvestorCOM and as a service provider, there are several other key elements to excellence.

  • Communication, communication and communication
  • Understanding our Clients and our Client’s business
  • Adaptability and flexibility with our project management methodology
  • Continuous improvement

Project managers are good communicators; written, verbal and listening.  And with today’s tools and resources, effective communication can take place in several mediums for both internal and external communication.  Timely communication and target audience communication are also practices that we strive for.  And to understand the optimal ways to communicate with Clients, is to understand them.  Delivering projects successfully can easily be achieved based on requirements and specifications.  However to ensure that the solutions we are delivering will benefit our Clients, it is key to understand our Clients’ business.

Meeting demanding timelines also means adaptability and flexibility with project methodology.  Each project is assessed to determine the best methodology to apply.  And as the project environment is quickly moving away from the traditional waterfall and moving towards iterative agile approaches; allowing for rapid development and flexible response for change; InvestorCOM advocates change to meet our Client’s needs.  Agile not only benefits our Clients in schedule but overall cost savings; as the cost savings InvestorCOM gains are passed to our Clients.  Here is an interesting case study that provides several beneficial results for adopting an agile approach.

Continuous change also implies continuous improvement; and this is the key to project success.  Post project reviews and statistical analysis provides insights on areas for improvement.  Continuous assessment of all project practices; and member development is also an integral component of change.  Here is an example case study with many positive results. 2017 will be an exciting year for the InvestorCOM Project Management Office.

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