Paper Catalogue DOUBLES Online Sales

Canadian Tire’s experiment to re-launch their printed catalogue after 9 years out of print has led to a doubling of online revenues.  These results even surprised CT’s leadership as the attached article states.  Why?  There are a couple of interesting contradictions in this very effective move by CT.  First off, in an age of declining print properties and increased online commerce, introducing an expensive print catalogue seems counter intuitive.  Secondly, and more surprisingly, this print channel increased volumes in online revenues – not in traditional in-store revenues as you might guess.  Why these contradictions?  I think that this case study is a fantastic example of true multi-channel success.  The re-launched print catalogue (or WOW guide) combines traditional print media integrated with online content.  By downloading the CT app, readers can easily link from the printed catalogue to online videos, information reviews, etc.  So, in effect, this wow catalogue is much more than a traditional print catalogue.

What learnings can we take from this example?  Whether your market is retail or B2B and whether your message is marketing, compliance or transactional, there are huge engagement opportunities (remember, CT DOUBLED online sales) by integrating traditional print media with online properties.  And the other message that is reinforced with this successful launch is one of our mantras… is not about PAPERLESS… is all about LESSPAPER!