New E&Y report identifies $200B in global assets as potential opportunity to move between Wealth Managers

This report provides research based on a global survey of 2000 clients and 60 wealth managers.  It is interesting to note that the 3 major factors influencing the movement of assets are Performance (33.5%), Engagement (8.4%) and Trust (7.4%).  Performance is, of course a given – our primary interest as investors is portfolio performance and this requirement will always be #1.  Top Asset Managers consistently outperform their rivals.  What we find interesting are the 2nd and 3rd factors – Engagement and Trust.  

One of the primary levers for Engagement success is offering the investor a true multi-channel experience.  Balancing digital services with traditional advice services is considered to be essential to Engagement according to the E&Y report.  Information accuracy is also listed as a key engagement lever.  Trust is built by firm/advisor reputation and notably by fee transparency – a hot subject this month as the first CRM2 reports are delivered to investors.

Many of the factors that influence Engagement and Trust represent new territory to Wealth Managers.  Developing a properly “tuned” multi-channel service platform requires innovation across the service delivery model.  Fee transparency falls into the same category in terms of fresh thinking for firms.  As a partner to Canada’s leading wealth managers, InvestorCOM is playing a key role helping our clients leverage technology and innovation to win client Engagement and Trust.  InvestorCOM has a clear and simple purpose – to build stronger relationships by optimizing communications.

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