InvestorCOM has a Waste Diversion Rate of 97%

At InvestorCOM we are a responsible leader in environmental stewardship through our internal operations and by influencing and facilitating responsible communication practices for our clients.

This is the Vision Statement for the InvestorCOM Sustainability Committee, and in order to be a leader and facilitate environmentally sustainable changes externally, we truly believe that we have to set an example and ensure our internal practices are operating at an optimal level.

 On October 6, 2016, Wasteco completed a waste audit for the InvestorCOM Brantford office. Based on the data collected from the audit, the diversion rate (percentage of waste materials diverted from landfill) for our Brantford office is 97%! As the optimal diversion rate is 100%, the Brantford office is operating at an excellent level for diverting waste.

 The audit was completed by collecting all of the waste and recycling from the various areas throughout the building; the warehouse, the office & bathroom, the office and the lunch room from that day. Once collected, the waste contents was weighed, analyzed and sorted.

 We are very pleased about such a high diversion rate, but there are still opportunities where we can improve. Stay tuned for more information about how InvestorCOM will be advancing our environmental sustainability efforts!