IDC White Paper “It’s Worse than You Think: Poor Document Processes Lead to Significant Business Risk”

Failures in Document-Driven Business Processes Are Higher Risk and Costlier than Many Executives Think

Many business executives understand that improving their document-driven business processes—the processes in their businesses that are governed and controlled by documents in electronic or paper format—can deliver operational efficiencies and drive cost takeout. What many may not appreciate is the degree to which document-driven business processes affect their organization’s risk profile: There is a high risk of breakdowns in these processes causing severely negative business outcomes, and the costs of these breakdowns are worse than many executives think.

A recent global IDC study of 1,516 document-driven business process owners and information workers suggests that the costs and risks associated with broken document-driven business processes are extremely high. Process owners reported that over one-third of document-driven business processes are defective, and a staggering 75.9% of respondents—more than three out of every four surveyed—reported that their organization experienced serious business risks and/or compliance issues as a direct result.

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