DOX delivers wholesaler team efficiencies

The Client

Our client is one of Canada’s largest Financial Services companies and has been in business for over 50 years with more than $65 Billion dollars in assets. They offer investment funds as well as ETFs, employ over 900 employees across Canada and service approximately 40,000 Financial Advisors and 1.1 Million client accounts.

The Challenges

The client was seeking a means to easily create custom Advisor Sales kits in a cost- effective way, consisting of corporate compliance approved presentations, static marketing materials, and/or custom user created documents. The solution would relieve their sales teams of ordering their own items, printing materials themselves or with a retail printer, and assembling kits manually in their office as well as drastically reduce internal employee effort to facilitate distribution to their Advisor client base. They were looking for an outsource partner that would allow their Sales teams to focus on just that, Sales.

“DOX enables Sales teams to focus on Advisor Engagement rather than fulfillment activities.”


— Doug DeVries,
Relationship Manager, InvestorCOM

The Solution

Streamlined Efficiencies

Users can easily select and include desired marketing materials in a kit and send to Advisors. Items are searched by their category or name and pieces placed in folder pockets in the desired order. Kit components are saved, customizable to suit each recipient(s) and can be sent physically or electronically. Once a kit is created it takes only a few seconds to order a “my Custom Kit” in the future.

My Items

Users can easily upload corporate templates or their own custom presentations to accompany marketing materials in the kit. All aspects of “My Items” including print and finishing options are easily configurable by the user.

Mailing Function

Upon checkout, the “Mailing” function is leveraged enabling a “drag and drop” feature to upload personalized letters and accompanying addresses for pairing with materials. Users can execute a cost effective outsourced sales campaign without the use of internal resources.

InvestorCOM worked with the client to develop an education and awareness campaign influencing behavior of the Sales Teams to increase uptake and realize benefits.

The Results

Since leveraging the solution our client has realized significant savings around manual effort as well as the opportunity cost of directing sales resources towards creating and managing mailings. Overall time and effort by the sales teams was reduced by approximately 30% or almost 3 full-time equivalents annually, allowing these resources to focus on Advisor engagement and business development as opposed to administrative functions.

Executive Summary

30% efficiencies gained overall

Focus on Advisor Engagement and Lead/Opportunity Generation

Asset Management Industry

Applications Used

InvestorCOM DOX


  • Customized Advisor Sales Kits were being assembled by sales teams
  • Materials were being ordered and stored on site
  • Valuable time diverted from Advisor engagement to low value activity


  • Utilize existing functionality in DOX
  • Engage and educate Sales teams to encourage adoption
  • Develop and deliver relevant training materials


  • Time and effort around Sales team campaigns reduced by 30%
  • Overall equivalent of 3 full-time employees diverted from low value activity
  • Focus on Advisor engagement and lead/opportunity generation